Social Responsibility

Environmental policy

We are committed to adopt reasonable measures to minimise the negative impacts that the operations have on the environmental. Our commitment to the environment starts with our environmental policy, in which every employee takes responsibility for reducing impact to the environment.

We are constantly looking for ways to minimise our carbon footprint. We have changed our systems to conserve electricity, and made the shift to green cleaning products such as installation of solar panel and LED lighting.

We also expect that our suppliers encourage their suppliers to minimise negative impacts on the environment throughout their supply chains.

Supply chain responsibility

We work with suppliers that meet internationally recognised labour and human rights standards. In addition to maintaining compliance with relevant laws and regulations, suppliers shall maintain current permits and licences as required by the jurisdictions in which they operate.

We have spent many years building strong relationships with these suppliers to ensure they meet the various standards including international principles aimed at preventing trafficking and slavery, and all forms of forced labour. We only select suppliers that share our commitment to ethical practices, labour standards, and environmental responsibility.